About Us

Our business began when we launched our own websites to market products and services on the internet; more than 100 in all. In order to generate more traffic, leads and sales we developed expertise in all elements of Internet Marketing in order to build our brand and deliver website traffic, leads and sales via the internet.

Soon fellow business owners and corporate executives began to ask for help in delivering the same strong results for their business websites using Internet Marketing.

We found is that their needs varied:
• Some needed a comprehensive plan and guidance for their own team to implement the selected portions and the right strategies and plans for their situation.
• Others needed a complete array of services and a knowledgeable and experienced business partner to implement and manage their Internet Marketing program.

To meet these needs we developed a comprehensive & cost-effective array of services to provide:
1. Analysis of a website’s current situation
2. Strategies for Efficient Internet Marketing
3. Capabilities to implement those strategies
4. Tools & Reports to Monitor Results

Our Founder:

Chuck Stewart is the Founding Partner and leads our innovation team. He launched our company with a mission to provide the complete array of services needed for complete internet marketing services and management for our own commercial websites.

Chuck is the former Founder of Encompix, a computer software system for complex engineering-based manufacturing companies that was sold in 2006. He is married with four children, and Coach of the Mariemont (Ohio) 8th Grade Basketball team (Go Warriors!).

We are located at:

3914 Miami Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
(513) 271-2050
(877) 765-2392