Are You Having Conversion Issues?


Do you know that most website conversion rates hover around 3%.  If you are having a hard time converting visits to sales, here are a few helpful tips that may help you increase your conversion rate.
    •  Studies have shown that people can get bogged down searching for items of interest on your site using categories. If they can find the product they are looking for quickly and efficiently – the less likely they are to abandon their search/transaction because of confusion, frustration or distraction.  Internal site searches can help – especially if you place these front and center on your page and make them stand out.  Try switching out the text from “Go” to “Find” after the Search box and create a thick border around the field. These simple changes can help increase your conversion – try it out and see what happens!
    • Pay attention to ease of navigation if you do have tabs and categories.  Make sure the navigation is streamlined so that your customer has a clear path to what they are looking for.  And keep your site relevant – avoid clutter and provide informative content that is proofed and well written.
    •  Do you know the difference between Direct Marketing and Direct Response Marketing?  It’s pretty simple actually.   Direct marketing is when you are contacting the customer.  Direct Response Marketing is when the Customer is responding to YOUR MARKETING or offer.  So remember to advertise with this in mind.  If you can lure them to your site with a great offer – your conversion rates are likely to go up.
    •  Have you analyzed your site recently to see if you can improve on micro-conversions?  Make sure you take time to look at:  Where is your traffic is coming from? Where is it landing on your site?  What is the drop off rate?  What are they clicking on once they are there?  Are you providing a clear call to action – or are your customers leaving because they can’t find what they are looking for? What is the drop off of those that don’t purchase after entering the shopping cart?  If you analyze these micro landscape criteria – it may point you to ways to help conversion.
    •  Is your site attracting your specific target market?  The visitors that come to your site should specifically end up there because the keyword they put in is applicable to what you are offering on your site.
    • Make it easy to convert – utilize a one page checkout, avoid asking for information more than once, accept multiple forms of payment and don’t forget to use a SSL – Secure Socket Layer.
    • Customers love recommendations and reviews – if you can post some of these to your website it can aid in conversions.  And while you are at it – don’t underestimate the importance of an automatic Thank You note that is generated once the sale is processed.  A sincere thank you, prompt deliver and exceptional customer service will bring back repeat customers in the long run.
Taking some time to review these factors and address site issues will help you improve conversion rates.

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