Google+ Expanding rapidly

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Have you looked at your Google+ profile in the past week? Its format has changed again – and don’t think it will look the same 6 months from now.  Google is going strong and eager to knock Facebook from its high and mighty social media pedestal.  Estimates show that Google+ now has over 190 million […]

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

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Some of our clients who are new to the internet world while waiting for the Organic SEO to do its magic ask us about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. What is PPC? Pay Per Click is sponsored advertising that is online. It is used by websites and search engines – and gets its name from […]

Do I Need a Mobile Website?

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Recent studies show that there are currently over 360 million people in the United States who own a mobile phone. With so many Americans owning mobile phones and the rapid expansion of the smart phone market comes the realization that mobile phones continue to grow in popularity with every passing day. Since the internet began, […]

Where are you Advertising?

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As a business owner you have to wear many hats.  You have to manage your physical location, inventory, personnel, be the accountant, sales team etc, etc, etc…the list goes on.  You also need to keep your eye on tomorrow.  Where will your clients come from and how will you get them through your door or […]

Are You Having Conversion Issues?


Do you know that most website conversion rates hover around 3%.  If you are having a hard time converting visits to sales, here are a few helpful tips that may help you increase your conversion rate.  Studies have shown that people can get bogged down searching for items of interest on your site using categories. […]

Online Reviews – Are You Getting Yours?

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  Angie’s list, Yelp restaurant reviews, G+ recommendations and Facebook likes….everyone loves a good review.  As a business on the internet, you need to focus on ways to acquire reviews to help drive business and customers to your products or service.  No longer is it OK to just have a well-designed website and informative pages […]

Simple On-Site steps to take to make sure your website is ready for optimization.


You need to make sure the following areas are complete: • The title tag – The tag can be any a variation of sentence or keyword phrases separated by a comma, pipe sign or other designator that helps search engines separate phrases. This Title tag appears on the right at the top of your browser, […]

Why Should I Engage in Social Media?


Every time we do research to find out how we should advise our customers regarding social media, the rules change. Every expert has a different idea of what is important and what to do – but the fact remains – Social Media is not going away anytime soon! The sooner you get involved the better […]

Your Social Media Strategy Overview


Many websites are now recognizing the need to incorporate a Social Media Strategy as part of their optimization process for getting found on the internet, in order to generate more traffic, sales leads and even sales from their website.   Here is a short summary of types of Social Media steps you might want to include: […]

Using Google G+ (Local or Business page)

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Let me take a moment to briefly explain Google+ to you.  Google+ (or G+) is Google’s social media platform that works like Facebook. If you are familiar with Facebook, you know that on Facebook you have friends that follow you, you follow friends and then if you like a company or product you can “like” […]