Do I Need a Mobile Website?

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Recent studies show that there are currently over 360 million people in the United States who own a mobile phone. With so many Americans owning mobile phones and the rapid expansion of the smart phone market comes the realization that mobile phones continue to grow in popularity with every passing day.

Since the internet began, PC’s were the primary device used to surf the World Wide Web. But that is rapidly changing as more and more individuals are relying on their mobile phones for information that they want now not when they get home and fire up the computer. Not having a mobile website to accommodate all these internet users is not smart business and can leave you in the cold.

Mobile phones have become a personal extension of each individual. If you can capture a potential customer on their mobile phone than you are more likely to get them to engage on their PC’s. For that reason we have put together a list of 10 reason why you should think about going mobile with your website.

  1. GPS systems are utilized by smart phone users to find businesses and attractions – if you don’t have a mobile site it may be difficult for your customers to find you.
  2. Some companies choose to make a mobile app instead of expanding their website with a mobile design. This doesn’t allow all users the access of their site – only those who know of the app and download it. Also because of the many smart phone platforms – you would have to make several apps for each platform.
  3.  Smartphones are becoming more and more affordable…and they are very convenient to use for browsing the internet.
  4.  2D bar codes can be scanned by mobile phones and direct users to the product’s websites for coupons and discounts. These codes are responsible for increasing traffic and purchases.
  5.  If customers are used to finding you on their PC and then can’t find you when they are on their mobile site – they may go elsewhere to find what they need.
  6. Social networking sites draw millions of mobile users every day. If while there, they click on a link to your site – you want it to be accessible!
  7. Mobile sites can actually help with your Search Engine Optimization – because Google and Yahoo are mobile friendly search engines.
  8. PC screens and mobile screens are different which means that the site design has to accommodate. It can be done with minimal expense for the website owner.
  9. Updated technology allows for a better experience of mobile sites – so it’s easier to design and build a site that can make an impression.
  10. Research predicts that in 3-5 years more people will use their mobile devices to access the internet than PC’s.

When building a mobile site keep in mind that you want a mobile website that loads easily, isn’t overloaded with text and doesn’t include a bunch of hard to click links.

If you haven’t though about adding a mobile site to your website – now is the time. If you need a referral for a mobile web site developer – we can help. Contact today!

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