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Have you seen that Google+ has added hashtags (#) to their Post section?  So now when you add a post to your G+ page – it you don’t pick a word or topic to put a hashtag before – Google will do it for you.

In case you don’t know what a hashtags is – it is the “ # “ that you place before a word or strung together words to designate it as an important topic.  If someone clicks on your hashtagged word or phrase, they will be taken to the conversations that others in the G+ community are having about that topic.

For example – if you are writing an article about Search Engine Optimization, and you put a “ # “ before Search Engine Optimization  like this – #SearchEngineOptimization (eliminate the spaces) – you have told the universe that this is your topic of interest today.

So don’t be afraid…. start hashtagging!   When you are posting in G+ – as you should do regularly – find the relevant topic and hashtag it and then see who else it talking about it and JOIN the conversation. After all engaging, communicating and connecting with your followers is what social media is all about!

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