High End Lamp Site Case Study

lamps 1A customer of ours started a new site from scratch offering premium lamps (lamps that cost from $110 to $390). They had a good domain name but wanted to be sure they kicked the site off the right way to get it quickly ranked and reduce their PPC (Pay Per Click) spending. We reviewed their site and made some suggestions about changes to be made to manage some on-page issues we discovered and they had them completed in about 4 hours of time. The primary keywords for the site were selected and agreed upon quickly using the Google keyword tool (part of Google Adwords).

One of the concerns with new sites is that we do not want to create a large amount of backlinks quickly so that the search engines think the links are spam and get devalued. We wrote a series of content about the history of a certain type of lamp and some funny stories about why every room needs one and went to work. We dripped the stories on the internet at a rate of 4 per day for the first month and used social media tools to get the content published and, in a few of the cases, pushed to other sites. We were thrilled when the site shot quickly into view, was indexed completely and then broke the top 10 of all 3 major search engines in the first month.

Month 2 saw the site stay put on Bing but swung between 5 and 15 on Google, sometimes as often as when the mouse was clicked a second time. This was because the servers were being updated and each had different values for the site while it was in stabilization mode.

Month 3 had the site stabilize #1 on Bing, #3 on Yahoo and between 3 and 6 on Google. The site was producing one to two orders a day organically and another 2 to 3 a day from PPC so the owners were thrilled that they were off to a great start. The group averaged $1500 a day in sales at a 40 point margin for the third month and are thrilled with the effort and the results of their campaign.

Out of respect for the client we have not provided their web site address. If you wish to know it please contact us and we will send it directly to you. This case study is typical, not extraordinary – let us do the same for you.

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