How we Got Started – Part 2

Sites by StewartThis is the second part of describing how we got started in the SEO business. The first part is the earlier blog post entry.

Not really understanding why the backlinks from the basketball article I had written helped me to get found on the internet, I nonetheless decided it was a good idea to continue – because it was working! So I began to write articles as part of my regular routine and developed a system to ensure that they were posted to hundreds and sometimes thousands of blogs and web 2.0 sites. The simple on-page optimization methods combined with the content creation system allowed the rankings for my main keywords to go straight to the top of the search engines and not surprisingly – once the public could find me – my SALES increased.

I told a few friends who owned businesses about how I was able to get such high rankings for my websites (yes, by then I owned and operated several) and offered to test the theory out on their sites. I was able to replicate the results on each and every site I worked with and developed a process to ensure that I could produce repeatable results.

After testing the process on dozens of sites for free, I began to offer the process as a service to help other sites get ranked highly for a few keywords. I also limited our staff to working with just one client per keyword so we could stay very focused on delivering the quality and performance I knew made such a difference to my sites.

Since those beginning days, our team has grown to become specialists in working with product related, information providing and professional service web sites. The process is constantly changing and we have been able to successfully keep up with the search engines algorithm changes and requirements. Our system is not for everyone but works extremely well for those interested in achieving high rankings for a small number of keywords.

Stay tuned for more information on how the process has changed and how we strive to see our Customers at the top of the search engine results.

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