Music Furniture Case Study

music-furniture One of our customers in the furniture business wanted to grow the on-line portion of their business.     Their site ranked in the top 20 on major search engines for their main keyword but had little else ranking well.

Goals of the Campaign: Our first goal was to rank consistently high for their primary keyword and allow the other targeted keywords to enjoy the lift from that success.  We also wanted to increase traffic but realized that would be a by-product of improving the ranking of several of the keywords.  We also wanted to dramatically increase their social footprint by creating a blog on their site and putting together a plan for them to write content on a regular basis.

We wrote articles and dripped them onto our article directory and blog site partners allowing 1 or 2 backlinks per article/blog post for the main keywords.  We performed some minor on-page adjustments to be sure the pages we were targeting were relevant and contained either H1 or H2 tags using those same keywords.

We setup and then connected all of the social media outlets for the company so that the content that they produced flowed to each of the outlets.  We helped them to change their internal procedures and they began to get reviews about the experience users had regarding the site that flowed through the Google +1 page.  We also helped them to put in place a simple product review process that helped to add user-generated content for the most active products and helped make the product pages more unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Results: At the end of month 2 we were consistently in the top 10 for our primary keyword and had listings for each of the major product categories in the top 20.  By the end of month 3 we were number one for our primary keyword although the position bounced between number 1 and number 4 for about 3 weeks into month 4.  At the end of month 4 we were solidly in the top 3 positions and each of the major product category keywords were ranking in the top 10 for those keywords.  Bing responded the fastest, quickly positioning us at #1 and then Yahoo and Google followed shortly thereafter.

The traffic has increased by a factor of 3 and the conversion rates have doubled from less than 2% to a slightly more than 4%. Total sales have tripled when compared to same month sales in the prior year and is now approaching $40,000 per month.

This case study is typical, not extraordinary – let us do the same for you.  Contact us today.

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