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Angie’s list, Yelp restaurant reviews, G+ recommendations and Facebook likes….everyone loves a good review.  As a business on the internet, you need to focus on ways to acquire reviews to help drive business and customers to your products or service.  No longer is it OK to just have a well-designed website and informative pages that tout the value of your goods or services.  Because there is a place to list reviews and comments –scratch that actually 100’s of places on the internet to post comments and reviews – it’s about time you started to pay attention and get involved in

Why is this important?  Well it’s twofold:

  1. Customers love recommendations and reviews – whether you are a service provider or a product, more and more the average consumer is looking for information to make their purchase count.   In the old days – when you shopped for a service or a product you could consult your friends and family or you had to do a comparison shop in person.  Today you can comparison shop and find out what others think about a product or service at the click of a button.  A resent search of my own for a piece of exercise equipment led me to At Amazon, I not only learned that there were 3 different price levels of the item I was looking for, but there were literally over 50 reviews from which to garner information from! It didn’t take me long to find out which was the best valued product for my money.  All those reviews – good and bad helped drive my decision.
  2. Google and the Search Engines like it all.  Search engines algorithms seem to change daily – but one thing that stays consistent – customer engagement counts.  So if your customers are commenting on that great lamp you just sold them or the perfect chocolate raspberry jam that they just bought and it’s out there on the internet – somewhere in the ether of the internet it’s being counted and checked off.

How do I encourage reviews?

First off make sure that you have your business listed on the most popular directory listings such as Yelp, G+, Manta, CitySearch, HotFrog, Angie’s List and InsiderPages just to name a few.  For a complete list call our office and talk to Trish – she can get you started with a Citation/Directory review to head you in the right direction.

Once on these lists, ask your customers to please go by and leave a review.  We can actually help you do this by putting a link on your Contact Us page that can direct people right to your page on these listings so it’s easy and simple for your customers to leave their comments.

What about those bad reviews?

If you happen upon a bad review, take swift and immediate action to resolve the problem.  A sincere concern, prompt solution and exceptional customer service will win out every time and bring back repeat customers in the long run.  Most bad reviews can be turned around with a little effort and sincere concern.

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