PPC Ad Services

PPC advertising can be a tremendous starting point for new optimization programs as well as an key part of an integrated internet marketing strategy.  Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as Facebook, et al) have PPC programs to precisely target ads to internet searchers.  The programs include tools and systems that allow you to keenly focus on specific user groups who have already shown an interest in your service or product.  When used in conjunction with a global organic or local search optimization program PPC can be quite cost effective.

Our Services:  The goal of our PPC advertising services is to stretch your advertising dollars and give you advantage over competitors.  We start by working with you and your team to establish the target traffic, conversion rates and measurements along with budgets for this form of precision advertising.

Our PPC team works with you and your team to create a custom plan to launch the advertising program with strong tracking and measurement tools, and then use those tools to focus on the conversion of page views into clicks into sales.  One major focus is the ad designs and your content placement to ensure optimum conversion rates and an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Services Include:

Keyword Analysis:  We start with building on the keyword analysis done at the first step of our work with new clients to build the Pay-Per-Click campaign keywords.  The number of keywords will be large in comparison to organic keyword lists to cover many niches of the target markets.

Account Set Up:  We set up accounts at search engines for PPC campaigns, such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter, and ensure that all management and payment procedures are in place and we can focus our attention on the success of your PPC campaigns.

Ad Creation:   This form of advertising has only a small number of characters permitted in each ad along with strict editorial guidelines and other issues that create a real challenge to ad creation.  Our team will guide you through the process to make sure your ads meet the guidelines as well as attract visitors.

Ad Targeting:  Digital ads offer both worldwide reach as well as the ability to target languages and geographic locations, whether it’s a country or a city.  This allows even more opportunities for efficient use of advertising dollars.

Google AdSense Content Network:  The Google AdSense PPC program is another form of digital advertising that lets the advertiser place ads directly  on websites that are related to your target industry or keywords or competitors; an excellent opportunity to gain market share in a highly efficient form of PPC.

Bid Strategy:  Your PPC ads are placed by bidding for location on the page, the higher the location the higher the bid requirement.  In this constantly changing environment our team focuses on finding the exact cost-per-click needed for proper placement.  We manage the bidding to achieve optimum placement and traffic for the highest sales volume possible.

Landing Pages:  A highly effective strategy for specific keywords and target groups is the use of Landing Pages which can be specifically structured in content and design for the target market or keyword.  When a visitor lands on the page the theme and even messages and selections will be highly focused their needs.  It allows opportunities for feedback or to provide assistance by your sales team, creating a highly efficient marketing tool with potential for high ROI.

Budgeting:  The budgeting and costing features of PPC ads allows for continuing analysis and crapid response and adjustments to the campaign, which in turn allows improvement in the return on investment.  Our team can formulate plan adjustement and approximate the potential conversions and results.

Account Maintenance:  Once setup our team monitors and updates to optimize the converse rate.  In addition, new ads campaigns and keywords can be planned, tested and budgeted with a goal of creating the highest ROI possible.

Conversion & Results Management:  PPC programs have detailed analytical tools to continuously monitor and manage your PPC campaign.   We review your results periodically to identify changes, opportunities and make recommendations.