SEO Services

Our mission is to help your business generate new website traffic, sales leads and sales through Internet Marketing.  In today’s digital world this means getting your website found on the internet…

We offer a complete portfolio of services to help your business get found.

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Global Search Engine Optimization          Local Search Optimization

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Reputation Management                           Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

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Social Media Marketing                            Video Marketing


We Start with the Right Strategy for your business:  Through our initial consultation with you and your team we will develop the right strategy for you situation.  We then complete the following initial reviews to make sure your website matches with the strategy and to help ensure that your website is accessible to the search engines and capable of achieving high rankings in Search Engine Results (SERP):

Keyword & Competitor Review:  We review and select the right keywords for your strategy.  Keywords are those common terms potential customers use to find your type of product or service on the internet.  Keywords can consist of a single word, or more commonly 2-word or 3-word phrases, that they typically use to search for your type of business.  Reviewing competitors helps to make sure keywords and strategies are focused on the right areas with the most potential for market growth.

Website Review:  It is essential that your website is “SEO-friendly” in every way possible.  To make sure your website is aligned with our strategy our review incorporates: source code standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”) used by search engines for indexing website content; proper positioning and formats for keywords; website titles, meta-descriptions tags, and meta-keywords; proper keyword content and ratios; images that load quickly and correctly, with proper file names, image names and alt-tag content;  Header tags; site load times; Robot Exclusion Protocol and integrity of site structure to avoid re-directs and errors, along with other SEO organization for your website.

Google “White Hat” Optimization Programs

Our website optimization services use techniques and tactics in both on-page optimization and off-page optimization and follows Google “White Hat” Guidelines to increase the rankings in the search engines.

We Measure Our Work

We measure our results using Google Search Results due Google’s dominance in all internet searches. And we provide Monthly Reports for the services we are providing.