Global Organic Search Optimization

Getting found on the internet often means taking steps to increase your website’s Global Organic Rankings in the Search Engines.  Many potential customers, who have never heard of your business nor your website, will type a word or phrase (called “keywords”) into the search engine and click to websites that appear in the Search Results (“SERP”).  The goal of Global Optimization is to grow your business by moving your website to the top of the first page of the search engine results.

Unfortunately, it is highly competitive to reach the top for those high-volume and high-value keywords and phrases.  We CAN HELP!  We develop and implement strategies for getting found on the internet and grow your business, most often using Global Organic Search Optimization.

We Start with the Right Strategy for your business:  First we work with you and your team to develop the right strategy for you situation.  Our SEO team will then use the following process to prepare your website for optimization and get your website moving up in the SERP rankings:

Keyword Review:  Keywords are those common terms potential customers use to find your type of product or service on the       internet.  Keywords can consist of a single word, or more commonly 2-word or 3-word phrases, that they typically use to search for your type of business.  proper positioning and formats for keywords We make want to ensure that your keywords and internet strategies will increase your rankings and grow your business.

Website Review:  There are important aspects to your website that critical to an optimization program.  To ensure your site is not saddled with issues that could slow or even prevent your website from getting found our first steps are to review the following:

Source Code Review:  It is critical that your website meet the source code standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”) as the protocol used by search engines for indexing website content.

Meta Titles / Descriptions / Tags Review  While this is the most basic of all components you might be surprised by how many websites fail to meet the proper formatting and keyword positioning required for getting the maximum benefit of their optimization program.  We want to make sure the Website title, meta-descriptions tag, meta-keywords, and Header tags are well thought out and properly placed.

Images Review:  Your website’s video, photos and graphics are not only an integral part your website’s appeal and messaging.  They are also important key ingredients of your website’s ranking success as well, but they must be properly setup .  Our review covers file and image names, alt-tag content, loading times as well as file sizes to make sure this portion of your website is ready to contribute to growing your

Site Load Times / HTML Site Map & Submission Review:  Load times are critical to being found by search engines.  In addition, websites need effective sitemaps for getting found.  Our review makes sure that your sitemap is properly prepared and submitted to ensure search engines are update.

Robot Exclusion Protocol / Structural Errors Review:   Search engines are not able to differentiate relevant content from unrelated content on your website.  We want to make sure your website is using the proper robot.txt files in order to provide search engines with a guide to what to scan and what to ignore on your website.  We also review for any structural errors in the website which could cause to be directed to  HTTP 404 Page Not Found messages as well as for HTTP 301 Redirects, HTTP 400, HTTP 403 and others.  This allows every link to work properly in all browsers and makes sure search engines will find your website content instead of errors.