Mobile Marketing

Studies show that more than 30% of all internet searches are from mobile devices. And, more than 51% of smartphone users will buy when the site has a mobile specific website… yet only 5% of retailers on the internet have a mobile website!  Another study (by Google) shows that 77% of smartphone users visit via search engines followed by social networks. And, 90% of smartphone searches result in an action such as purchasing or visiting a business.

Both desktop websites and mobile sites need to be optimized, using same criteria such as accessibility, keywords, content and links. Remember that the size of the screen means more specific wording. Our services focus on the following areas:

Upfront planning: It is important to decide upfront if you need dedicated mobile site or if you will simply create a “mobile-friendly version of your existing website. We use analytic tools to help you determine your website’s mobile activity in this process. Flash content is also an important consideration.

Mobile Domains & Content: It is no longer necessary for websites to detect user agent access via mobile device in order to display the mobile-friendly site and the same content served to Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile. Our services will handle the necessary components for both mobile and desktop displays.

Mobile Keywords: We also assist in structuring keywords for both mobile and desktop sites. On average mobile search query strings are 25% shorter than desktop searches. We help you develop the right keywords for both desktop and mobile sites.

Mobile Formatting, Layout & Content: We test your website’s format and layout for mobile display. It is also important to structure and test your mobile content. The level of content must be structured around the short, specific nature of the small mobile screen. Our experience will help your site meet the needs of mobile users.

Mobile Site Map: We make sure your website’s site map is the right structure for both mobile and desktop display. We bring the experience and expertise you need for internet marketing in today’s mobile world. Remember, if it can be searched it can be optimized.