Social Media Marketing

Social Media Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, have dramatically changed the world of personal communication.  These networks are designed for sharing all kinds of information such as photos and blog posts, mainly user-created content.   These offer your business a cost effective and highly efficient marketing tool.  For those businesses and websites that take advantage Social Media it will find their websites more relevant and competitive.

Social Media Marketing provides your business with a new marketing environment in which both customers and potential customers develop  loyalty and become involved with your brand , even passively recommending your business when they “follow”, “Friend” or “Like” you.  These contacts and associations accumulate to build a uniquely powerful marketing process for your business, bringing new potential customers to your website.

We offer a FREE Internet Marketing Consultation for your business and website which includes Social Media Marketing.  Our Social Media Marketing process is as follows:

Consultation & Analysis:  We start by getting to know your business and industry, including competitors and business environment and target markets, goals and budgets.  The first step will be to work with you and your team to develop the best strategy for your situation.

Account Set Up:  One of the most critical aspects of Social Media Marketing is the first step which is to properly set and/or review and edit the appropriate Social Media Accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, that  are relevant to your business.   We focus on the critical aspects of your accounts, such as uniform user names, privacy settings and participation.

Web Page Design:  One other critical aspect of your Social Media Marketing is well-designed and properly set up web pages.  The design must focus on optimization structures similar to website on-page structures and keyword placement, along with content that is on target with your target markets.  The elements of your design must be carefully considered in order to appeal to those interested in your business, industry, products and services.   Most importantly, you want content that is compelling to bring them to actively engage with your page and your business.

Create a Following:  The heart of Social Media marketing is the creation of “Followers” and “Friends” and “Likes”.  When your accounts are set up we launch your program by taking steps to build a strong friends and fans base, who in turn provide become involved with your page by commenting, following and signaling others about your page and your business.

Create Content:  One key element of Social Media Marketing is fresh and interesting content related to your business.  The activities of social media, such as “Tweets” in Twitter and posts to Facebook and other social media accounts create a new and more frequent communication of your follows and their friends as well as your business.  In addition, you can quickly communicate with your followers, creating a sense of urgency is some instances and timely and valuable information in other instances.  All of which is invaluable in generating new visitors to your website and improving your conversion of visitors to customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising:  Social Media Networks offer an effective method of advertising with pay-per-click advertising.  The key to this form of advertising is targeting individual visitors who are interested in your business products or services.  When a visitor does click on your advertisement you will gain a wealth of information from the extensive personal data about his/her likes and interests.  The result can be a cost-effective  Return-on-Investment (ROI) for your business.

Extensive Reporting:  A significant feature of the Social Media Networks is the extensive reporting and statistical information that is available with each account.  Typically, each social media account will connect with Google Analytics to provide extensive data and reporting capabilities.  This means you can monitor and adjust your marketing and advertising campaigns to improve traffic and conversion rates, which in turn improves the Return on Investment (ROI).