Video Marketing

YouTube is now the second largest search engine.  Only Google is larger.   Video Marketing provides a new venue for introducing your products and services to a large and growing audience.   Not only using text but the ability to demonstrate, add sound and motion pictures to showcase and highlight your marketing messages.

At Search Engine Ranking we can help you and your team prepare and produce video content for your website.  Contact us for more information or for a FREE website analysis for incorporating video into your website.

Our services begin with gaining an solid understanding of your business and your marketing message in order to develop a video strategy for your business.  We then follow a proven process to quickly and efficiently implement your video strategy into solid and effective visual messages that bolster your website uniqueness along with other  marketing strategy opportunities.  We follow  an efficient process to create your video content:

Script Development:  We start with building a creating a script that will bring your marketing to life on the screen.  The script evolves from development of advertising and engaging elements of your message to engage your visitors.  We focus on crisp messaging and efficient visuals to get and keep attention.

Create & Edit Video:  With a powerful script and visualization plan in hand we launch production of your video.  With your guidance and feedback we blend those many variables such as lighting, background music and graphics.  Then we edit and hone the final production to efficiently and effectively deliver your message and enhance your website.

Video Optimization:  Just as we do for all the content on your web pages, we will properly optimize your website videos.  To do so requires a focus on keyword selection which are then incorporated into your website meta data and all video descriptions and tags.  Selection of keyword based titles and headers will lay the groundwork for your video optimization.

Video Placement & Marketing Reach:  Your video offers a new channel to reach potential customers with placement on multiple video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo and Meta Cafe.  We can assist your team in quickly adding your video presentations to those sites which make the most sense for your target markets.

Google Analytics and Tracking:  What gets measured, gets managed.  Our website optimization services focus on using Google analytical tools to track and improve your website traffic and conversion rates.