Simple On-Site steps to take to make sure your website is ready for optimization.


You need to make sure the following areas are complete:

• The title tag – The tag can be any a variation of sentence or keyword phrases separated by a comma, pipe sign or other designator that helps search engines separate phrases. This Title tag appears on the right at the top of your browser, and is also the headline in search engine results. Keep it under 65 words/spaces.

• The description Tag – The description is what shows under the title tag in search engine results. Descriptions should contain important keywords, but remain informative and concise.

• Page Content – a well constructed web site will use keywords a number of times on the page in a natural manner. The search engines need to see the keywords used on your web page correctly. If you don’t know how to write content – search for a site that is similar to yours but not located in your state or a competitor of yours. Take direction from the way they construct sentences and get the content to appear cohesively and in a natural manner. Content / text should be at least 100 words. Web pages that contain images with little to no content /text will have difficulty ranking well.

• Eliminate any unnecessary pages or links that are not going to be used. If you don’t have a store, but have a store tab in your navigation menu – hide it. Likewise if you do not have an “about us” page you should also choose to hide this tab.

• Make sure that your business address is on the home page listed as well as areas/cities that you service.

• Pictures and graphics need to load quickly to keep visitors to your site from bouncing because it takes too long for an image to appear. It also will affect your rankings.

• Alignment of text, ease of navigation and basic aesthetics will engage your visitor and encourage him to read your content – so have someone review your website and make edits and suggestions. wants you to be successful. By following these guidelines you will be taking the first steps towards developing a great website that can be successfully optimized.

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