Social signals…are you sending them?

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SEO is extremely essential for conversion and revenue on an ecommerce website.  Simply put if your customers cannot find you or if your website seems invalid you will not attract the attention of your customers or get the sales you desire.  It’s a fact that the top positioned ecommerce sites average more sales because it is estimated that over 33% of the traffic goes to the top listing in Google’s organic search results.  As you are found further down the first page, your traffic decreases exponentially. If you are not on the first page at all, you are not being found.

We all know that a big chunk of SEO work is determined by exceptional and relevant content that is consistently released, high quality backlinks and as we have been stressing for over a year now – social signals or your “social score”.  You can no longer ignore the importance of social media if you want to rank well on the search engines.

We are seeing more and more that websites that have a large number of social signals are well ranked URL’s that have many shares, likes, plus ones, reviews and tweets. Studies have confirmed that a strong social presence and high user engagement rank higher.  Similarly sites that have dropped from the first page tend to be websites with little to no social engagement.

Clearly the message is to get started with social media today not tomorrow…the efforts you make now will keep you at the top in the months to come.



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