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If you have a Google account – you have a Google Dashboard and like it or not Google is collecting loads of information on you every day and storing it like a precise timeline of your life on the internet.

Google collects data from what you search, what websites you go to, from your emails, your chats, what locations you are looking for on the Google maps and even what YouTube videos you watch. A year to year smorgasbord of information.

Google can only collect this data if you are logged in to a Google Service – so before we continue Note: Log out of Google when you are on the computer and they won’t have access to all of your information. If you choose to remain logged in during your day know that you can go to the dashboard to turn off collection activity and delete archived data that they have already scooped up.  Believe me – there is a lot of data.  To know that Google still has records of the book I was searching for in 2008 is crazy!

This information could come in handy say if you ever got called to testify as to what you were doing on some miscellaneous date at 1pm – 6 years back?  You could check your history and see that you were Googling your favorite take out spot and surmise that you were ordering that lunch special that you love so much. Then notice that about 30 minutes later you were Googling all afternoon terms about Piano Covers and realize quickly what project you were working on after you ate your favorite take out.  Yep, this could really come in handy.

If you think that maybe you shouldn’t allow access of this information to Google – as I mentioned – log out of your account when you are working on the computer.  And remember – the Google Dashboard is not only where you can find all of this stored information but it’s a place for you to go and adjust privacy settings…so that you can feel a little less spied on.

To get to your Google Dashboard – search for Google Dashboard provide your password and get started.

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