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In less you have been living under a rock, you probably are aware that Tumblr was purchased recently by Yahoo for over a billion dollars. Tumblr aficionados were worried that Yahoo’s involvement would change the look and feel of Tumblr…many were outraged at the thought of Yahoo coming on board. But the people in charge have spoken and format changes are just not going to happen. So far they have kept their promise.

What will change however is the dashboard of the Tumblr blogs. These changes address Social platform issues and will allow easier and more efficient re-blogging. Yahoo is hoping that by making these changes – that Tumblr’s younger audience will start thinking more about Yahoo as the hip place to be.
This is also good for bloggers because these new changes allow blog posts to be part of the SEO equation. In the past Tumblr posts were not able to help aid Google organic searches but now they are. So keep in mind the following when posting to your Tumblr blog:
• Try to make sure that your keywords are part of your URL.
• Put your keywords in your post’s titles and include headings as well where you can utilizing keywords
• Make sure you use keywords in your post throughout the content, but don’t get too spammy.
• Don’t forget to backlink to your website through your posts.
If you don’t have an onsite blog – now may be the time to consider starting a Tumblr blog. Any content that you put on the internet that can be crawled and indexed can only add to the relevance of your website and its content. For more information on how SearchEngineRanking.net can help you with your SEO – contact us today at 877-765-2392.

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