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google plus imageLet me take a moment to briefly explain Google+ to you.  Google+ (or G+) is Google’s social media platform that works like Facebook. If you are familiar with Facebook, you know that on Facebook you have friends that follow you, you follow friends and then if you like a company or product you can “like” the product or the individual company. When you “like” a company or product, you join that company’s stream so that every time they have some relevant information to post, is shows up on your feed. Google+ is pretty much the same idea.  Google would like you to join Google + and invite your friends who are in your Facebook group, email etc to join you on G+.  In Google+ you can separate these groups of friends into circles by designating them as Family, Friend, Business associate etc.  Google even allows you to make your own names for circles.  When you invite someone to one of your circles, they get an invitation from you and have to accept to be added to your circle. G+ allows you to post comments on your G+ page and share them with a circle or two or everyone – meaning the Public.  Your G+ page also allows you to post videos, photo albums and of course information about yourself.  You should make sure that you have a headshot photo for your profile picture and go into your profile and completely fill out all the fields.  Once your personal profile is set up, Google+ allows you to be in charge of and post to a G+ page for your business.  You can have several local business pages if you have several business locations or several different businesses. There are primarily two types of G+ Business pages that most of our clients qualify for.

  • You can have a Local G+ page if you are a business that primarily services a known area and if you have a brick and mortar store. This local G+ listing has replaced the Google Local listing and is what shows up in the map listings when you show up on the first page for your keywords.
  • If you have a product that you sell worldwide or over the internet, you can have a business page that doesn’t list a specific address.

Once you set up your local G+ or Business page and complete the verification process, you can build out your page by adding complete information about your hours, forms of payment, location etc. It is also important to upload photos and videos as well.  Since we usually set up G+ business and local pages, let me explain how to get into your page. Sign into your business Google account.  Once into your account, click on the +YourName button that appears in the upper left hand corner of the black bar. google bar     Click on this link and then scroll down the left bar menu until you see the more G+ moresymbol,   and then click on the pages G+ pages symbol. Posting to your G+ page is an important part of getting your G+ page noticed and building your circles.  When you post something on your G+ page it’s always a good idea to make it relevant to your audience, interesting and include a picture if you can.  It’s always a good idea to post on G+ first.  From your G+ post you can use the link to post to your other social media accounts. Here is how you get the link.  After you post there is a little grey arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post that shows you your options menu.  Click on this arrow and a list will appear that says link to post.  If you click on this a window will open to show you a URL for the post that you just made.  Copy this URL link and use it in your other socail media platforms to link back to this page.  Since this is a Google link, it can be indexed and found in a search on Google.  As always, make sure that you use good headings, with keywords if possible in your posts and always keep SEO in mind. Next we will discuss hooking up your social media accounts to Hootsuite.  Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows you to hook up all of your accounts and manage them from one platform. It also allows you to schedule posts to be distributed whenever you choose.

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