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Today’s marketing managers have to be savvy about how they use their social media. Many ask me what type of information they should be sharing on their Twitter accounts. As a rule of thumb – it’s important that you try to engage your followers by getting them to do one of four things. If you are successful at getting them to engage – you have accomplished your Twitter Social Media Goal.

  1. Give something away as an incentive for Re-Tweeting your post.
  2. Give something away ( a downloadable White Paper) that will offer information to your followers that can help them in some way.  Add a link – watch your followers click, download and engage.
  3. Ask a question? Asking a question – begs for a reply.
  4. Ask for a Follow. Simple straightforward and also helpful if you add an incentive.

Just some simple advice to keep you moving in the right direction.

Remember as you grow your Twitter following – YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET….so make it relevant, fun and engaging.

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