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As a business owner you have to wear many hats.  You have to manage your physical location, inventory, personnel, be the accountant, sales team etc, etc, etc…the list goes on.  You also need to keep your eye on tomorrow.  Where will your clients come from and how will you get them through your door or to your website?

Advertising your business used to be pretty cut and dry. If you were the BIG GUY you paid an advertising agency big bucks and let them come up with a commercial, perhaps a radio spot and then you paid some more big bucks to get people to see them and hear them.  If you were not so big you paid less and perhaps purchased a yellow page ad, sponsored a local little league team or put a small advertising spot in your local Sunday bulletin.

Well, I’m pretty sure that you have noticed that with the onset of the computer age –things have changed.  No one picks up a yellow pages book anymore to find a business or a service listing.   Where in the past you may have driven 30 miles to pick out a lamp for your piano or a pitching machine for your backyard – the options of shopping 10 different venues and having the item shipped out that day to your door are many.  Today we can purchase virtually anything on line and better yet, shop all of the competition for that item online.

If you want to keep up with your competition, you have to get your website noticed and you have to come up on the search engine pages.

I was reading an article the other day that stressed the importance of organic ranking on the internet.  It said that some people won’t even scroll down the first page to go beyond the first 5 listings.  I’m not sure that I agree with that – but think about what you do.

  • Do you go past the first page when you search a term?
  • Do you click on the Sponsored sites?
  • Do you regularly search the keyword terms that your customers use to find you and come up in the search further back than you would like?

Studies have shown that most people don’t click on the sponsored / Pay Per Click ads at the top of the searches.  Those same studies have shown that people trust Google.  I know I trust Google – pretty much every time I put in a keyword term I get what I’m asking for.

We can help your website rank.  We’ve done it for our websites, and we’d love to do it for yours!  Advertising is 2013 is about getting people to click on you when you come up on the first page in a keyword search.  Your webpage is your biggest piece of advertising – so you need to make it do the work for you.

Call SearchEngineRanking.Net today and let us get you started. Better rankings are right around the corner.

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