Why Should I Engage in Social Media?


Every time we do research to find out how we should advise our customers regarding social media, the rules change. Every expert has a different idea of what is important and what to do – but the fact remains – Social Media is not going away anytime soon! The sooner you get involved the better it will be for your Social Score and member engagement.

You Don’t Need to be A Giant Company to have Social Media work for you

There are many hugs success stories out there when it comes to Social Media. Many campaigns like the Burger King Subservient Chicken campaign got millions of views when it went viral. Seem impossible to do so? Yes, probably for most small businesses – but the goal of social media is connecting with your customers and followers. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you have a million customers or 100 – offering information that is interesting and distinct will help engage YOUR audience and build a following. When posting you want to think about the possibility of someone wanting to share your content. If the answer is yes, then you are on your way towards engaging your audience and hopefully getting a little participation at the same time. It’s not about getting millions of hits (which would be nice!) but more importantly nurturing your relationships.

Do Facebook “Likes” equal future Customers?

Let’s look at the data – when Facebook first came out Big Brands used a lot of marketing dollars to build followings and grow their Facebook Fan base. They weren’t thinking about Return on Investment or the value of these fans. Today – we advise our customers that it’s not so much about the numbers (although you want to continually grow your Fan Base) but about growing your Social Media activity while engaging your Fans. Facebook statistics have shown that engaged fans do remain loyal customers. So the bottom line is – anyway that you can engage directly with your Fan is good for your business – Big or Small.

OK, so maybe I understand Facebook – but isn’t Twitter Just For Teens or Celebrities with massive followings?

Well yes and NO. There are many, many big Hollywood movie stars that keep their fans guessing everyday as to their next Tweet – but small business Tweets are just as relevant and valuable for small businesses and their targeted following. To make Twitter work for your company experts suggest that you not only engage in sales type promotion – but you offer relevant, informative Tweets (all under 140 characters!). Also make sure that you Follow other people in your field or category and engage them with questions and offer up a Re-tweet occasionally. Monitoring your activity is also important so that you can immediately address any questions or comments that warrant attention.

All of the sudden Google+ wants to get in on the Game – Should I bother?

We knew this was coming, and the answer is a resounding YES! Google has a staggering 75 – 85% of the internet search market, so it was just a matter of time before they jumped onto the Social Media bandwagon. It may be too late for everyone to get excited about using Google+ as a Social Network, but it’s very important to realize that G+ is linked to the Google search. If you want to increase your rankings – not participating is a bad idea. Posting to G+ allows you to engage the entire public that may find your G+ page showing up for one or more of your keywords – and that can be significantly more people than are following you on Facebook or Twitter. And that +1 button? Don’t ignore that! You can connect his button to any content that you create to enable readers to endorse what you are saying. (Like above right now on this post – go ahead and hit the +1 button.) Any Google endorsement is a step in the right direction. So make a strong Google + profile for your business and ask your customers to +1 you. As your +1’s increase so will your relevance* to Google. (*Note: We do not have an inside Google Algorithm connection this is more of an industry assumption.) The bottom line is that jumping on board with G+ can impact your placement, conversions and visits to your site. The end result being more sales!

As Social media platforms grow and change, keeping up with what is necessary to promote your business is an important marketing component that can’t be ignored by most businesses. Remember to keep your information relevant and interesting and you will be able to engage your followers and increase your customer base by referrals.

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